Veterans education benefits


Will my March monthly housing allowance be affected?

凯时棋牌appNo, enrollment for winter quarter will remain as it was certified.

Will the VA still pay my tuition with the change to on-line instruction?

Yes, tuition payments under Post 9/11 benefits will be paid as in previous quarters.

Will my book stipend still be paid?

凯时棋牌appYes, the book stipend under Post 9/11 benefits will be paid as usual if you have not reached the $1,000 yearly cap already. Most students enrolled full time, reach the $1,000 yearly payment during winter quarter.

How will the monthly housing allowance be affected by the switch to online instruction?

The legislation introduced as a result of COVID-19 has been signed into law. This allows the VA to continue pay education benefits as normal without any changes due to the transition to distance learning by reason of emergencies and health-related situations. If your course for spring quarter was changed to online instruction as a result of COVID-19 and it is normally in-resident course, your enrollment will be certified as in-resident. 

How do I complete the Enrollment Certification Request remotely?

Our forms are accessible online via DocuSign. Please see our forms page for all of our forms. If you do not have an UW NetID you can use our PDF versions listed under the DocuSign version.

Will my monthly housing allowance be delayed?

凯时棋牌appDue to delaying spring certifications (as instructed by the VA), there may be some students who receive their April monthly housing allowance (typically paid May 1) later than what would normally be expected. If you are experiencing any hardship due to these delays please let us know.

How will the VA handle S/NS and CR/NC grading?

The VA will pay for S and CR grades as normal. Although the VA does not typically make payments for courses resulting in NS or NC, the VA will pay for the course if COVID-19 is reported as a mitigating circumstance.

How is my financial aid affected?

If you have questions regarding your financial aid, please see our website凯时棋牌app for financial aid and COVID-19.

How do I get in touch with you?

Due to COVID-19 concern we are working remotely. We are available via email at, and we can set up online meetings if needed. We ask for your understanding that responses may be delayed during this challenging time. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns or are experiencing any impacts to your VA education benefits.