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Facts and information regarding spring quarter 2020

Updated: March 21, 2020 at 7:01 p.m.

The move to remote instruction for spring quarter 2020 is a way to protect the health of our community while mitigating the effects of the on students’ academic progress. We recognize that this action will spur many questions for students. We will be providing answers to the most frequently asked questions here, but you should consult with your college, school, department, academic advisor or the unit that provides the course or service in question for information specific to your situation.

Meanwhile, the Center for Teaching and Learning has developed resources for instructors who are teaching courses remotely.

凯时棋牌appThank you for your perseverance and goodwill as we navigate difficult, uncertain, and rapidly changing times in our country and the world.

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Preparing for online learning

How can I prepare for successful online learning?

Here are a few tips that could help you prepare for remote learning during spring quarter:

  • Set up a distraction-free workspace and be prepared to engage in learning online during your regularly scheduled class times.
  • Check out the suite of resources that Academic Support Programs is developing to assist you as you transition into and through a quarter of online learning.
  • Turn on notifications to ensure you receive alerts when there are changes or posts in Canvas.
  • Learn how to find and.
  • Check your UW email at least twice a day, setting up email forwarding if necessary.
  • Familiarize yourself with. Zoom Pro is now available free of charge to all current students, faculty and staff.
  • If your instructor uses, sign into the application with your UW NetID to sync your responses with Canvas.

Can I still get study help and support for my academic and personal well-being?

Most UW student resources have transitioned from in-person to phone, email, Zoom or Canvas. Below are some helpful resources.

Bothell campus

Seattle campus

Tacoma campus

What options are there for students who do not have access to technology at home?

Currently enrolled students can access the following resources:

Bothell students

  • Review , updated frequently.
  • The offers laptops and other equipment for checkout — as of 03/13/20, all laptops are checked out.
  • includes information about current open labs and printing stations.

Seattle students:凯时棋牌app The allows students to borrow laptops, tablets and other equipment for free. Visit their site to see  and learn more.

Tacoma students

  • Review
  • and the have laptops available to check out.
  • Access additional updated tech access information on the .

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Financial concerns (Updated 03/20/20)

There will be no change in financial aid for full-time students enrolled in spring quarter who qualify for and planned to receive it.

Student Financial Aid has created an FAQ to support students with information related to financial aid, as well as benefits for veterans. Students should direct their questions to for general financial aid questions and veteran@uw.edu凯时棋牌app for Veterans Education Benefits.

What if I am experiencing a financial emergency?

Each of the UW campuses has emergency aid凯时棋牌app available for students to assist with unexpected financial hardships that may disrupt their education or prevent them from earning their degrees.

Should I still be searching and applying for scholarships?

凯时棋牌appYes. Many internal UW and local scholarships have deadlines during spring quarter, and many national and international scholarship programs will open in spring with deadlines in fall. Most scholarship providers are doing their best to maintain their usual deadlines and timelines for awards.

Will tuition rates or fee-based program rates change for spring quarter? (Added 03/20/20)

凯时棋牌appWhether instructors present their classes in-person or online, a UW education is still an excellent education and the degree or credential that you earn will have the same value. The same professors scheduled to teach in-person classes this quarter will be teaching remotely, and they bring the same expertise, experience and knowledge to the remote courses as they have in their in-person teaching.

It’s also important to remember that resident tuition is lower than non-resident tuition in recognition of the taxes paid by resident students and their families to the state of Washington, thereby supporting the UW through state funding. It is not a reflection of whether a course is offered in-person or remotely.

凯时棋牌appWith the University shifting to online instruction for spring quarter, our instructional costs will actually increase because we continue to pay faculty and staff for their work, as well as shifting to providing services to students remotely and offering new technological capabilities to support the UW community in these extraordinary times.


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International students

International Student Services maintains a page with coronavirus-related updates for international students. Please consult that page and with ISS staff for more information specific to your individual circumstances.

Will international students be able to comply with what is required to keep their visas?

Yes, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) has updated these requirements in light of the COVID-19 emergency. Please consult with International Student Services for more information.

Are Center for International Relations and Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE) services and programs still available?

CIRCLE will be fully operational in a remote capacity and plans to continue offering success coaching and engagement programs remotely. For more information please check the CIRCLE website.

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Student health and wellness services


Is Hall Health Center open for student medical and mental health care?

Hall Health Center remains open. Hall Health provides medical and mental health care to students and established non-student patients.

If you are experiencing cough, fever and/or difficulty breathing and want to be seen for an appointment, please call 206.685.1011 before coming in. Please do not drop in without calling first.

For mental health appointments, contact 206.543.5030 to schedule. Mental health services are primarily available remotely, including for students who are self-isolating. Learn more on the Hall Health website.

What services will the Counseling Center be providing?

The Counseling Center is available and providing individual and crisis counseling via secure Zoom. The Counseling Center will also provide online workshops and other content to enhance your well-being and self-care during spring quarter. Please call 206-543-1240 to access services.

What can I expect from a Zoom counseling appointment?

The Counseling Center staff will meet with you via secure Zoom to discuss your concerns and work collaboratively with you to develop a plan for next steps. Next steps may include effective coping strategies, a follow-up appointment or referral to other resources.

Will Let’s Talk be available?

凯时棋牌appThe plan is to resume Let’s Talk using an online format in spring quarter. Please monitor the for more information.

Can students still get support from a LiveWell confidential advocate if they have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking or sexual harassment?

Yes, the LiveWell advocate is still available to work with students by phone, email or Zoom. Please email lwadvoc@uw.edu凯时棋牌app for more information.

Can students still access the LiveWell Student Coaching and Care Program for help with hardship withdrawals and other academic advocacy support?

Yes, contact the LiveWell Student Coaching and Care Program by emailing

Does the UW still provide food assistance for students in need?

The UW Food Pantry provides food assistance to members of the UW community to help address food insecurity. The pantry remains open and operational and currently has no plans to halt operations. Please check the Any Hungry Husky website for operating hours.

凯时棋牌appAdditionally, information about .

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Career services, Greek Life and other student services

Are career and internship support services available?

凯时棋牌appYes, career services centers on each campus are operational in a remote capacity.

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Will fraternity and sorority houses close or remain open for spring quarter?

The determination on remaining open, closing, or any related prorated costs or refunds will be made by each individual fraternity or sorority house corporation in consultation with its leadership. Questions pertaining to individual houses should be directed to the leadership of the organization for specifics on their plans.

Will the HUB be open for services and studying?

The HUB is closed until further notice; however, many services remain available remotely. Please contact individual offices or programs directly for details.

Will the HUB be open for meetings and events?

The HUB is closed until further notice; however, many services remain available remotely. All meetings and events — including meeting spaces, major event spaces, HUB Games and the RSO Resource Center — scheduled through April 24 are canceled. Meetings and events after April 24 are on hold until further notice but have not been automatically canceled.  No new reservations will be accepted for spring quarter until further notice.

Are Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), ASUW, and GPSS operating?

All RSOs will remain registered and have access to the Student Activities Office (SAO) advisors remotely. You may contact advisors directly, or by emailing

凯时棋牌appIn-person meetings and events are not permitted until further notice. The SAO will work with RSOs, ASUW, and GPSS to continue student engagement through online methods throughout spring quarter.

Are UW Recreation facilities open?

凯时棋牌appAll UW Recreation facilities in Seattle — the IMA Building, the Waterfront Activities Center and the Golf Range — are closed until further notice. The University Y (Tacoma) is also closed.

Will UW Recreation be offering fitness classes in the spring?

凯时棋牌appUW Recreation is exploring possible options for delivering remote classes, but as of now, all UW Recreation offerings are canceled for the foreseeable future until further notice.

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