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UW researchers respond to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

凯时棋牌app“People facing homelessness in Seattle have long had reasons to avoid emergency shelters. Now they have another: During a pandemic, crowding our most vulnerable neighbors into confined spaces could be a recipe for humanitarian disaster, and a health crisis for the whole city,” write David Boarder Giles of Deakin University, Timothy Harris of Real Change and Graham Pruss, lecturer of anthropology at the UW.


In a tall building on the outskirts of downtown Seattle, a group of scientists from the University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design huddle in front of computers, concentrating on their screens. Using a special program, they’re tinkering with building blocks of proteins, taking the first of many steps to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Brooke Fiala, a researcher in the Institute for Protein Design, is quoted.


凯时棋牌appFor every known case of coronavirus, another five to 10 cases are out there undetected, a new study suggests. Dr. Elizabeth Halloran, a professor of biostatistics and of epidemiology at the UW, is quoted.


凯时棋牌appHere are the most recent stories of UW experts commenting on the novel coronavirus epidemic

In addition to UW researchers from a variety of disciplines offering their expertise to journalists covering the novel coronavirus, UW Medicine researchers are leading the way in the detection and prevention of COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. In fact, our researchers have , identified the , to expedite diagnostics and are , among other efforts.

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